HONEST CONVERSATIONS: Exploring the challenges of Mission, Dialogue and Encounter in Muslim-Christian Relations

Organised by Church of Scotland

Honest, and at times dishonest, conversations between Muslims and Christians have taken place since the early days of Islam 1500 years ago. Both Islam and Christianity make exclusive truth claims which can generate challenging conversations at the best of times and perhaps even more challenging conversations in the context of the political, social, economic and religious contexts of today.

Join us for a day of talks and interactive workshops hosted by the Moderator Susan Brown exploring the themes of what it means to be a Muslim and a Christian in Scotland today:

How might we respectfully share our beliefs?

What values do we have in common?

How might we support one another in a fraught and increasingly polarised world?

Our keynote speakers include Canon Dr. Andrew Smith from Birmingham and Musharaff Hussein from Nottingham and both bring eminent years of experience in this field. We will also have workshops led by Farkhanda Chaudhry on hate speech, staff from Amina Muslim Women’s Resource Centre leading on solidarity amongst women of faith and many more.

This conference is specifically aimed at members of the Christian and Muslim communities but all faiths and none are welcome

Tickets can be purchased here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/honest-conversations-exploring-evangelism-dawah-and-dialogue-tickets-49089743745


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