Postcards for Solidarity

Organised by Interfaith Scotland and Iman Tajik

No matter where you were born, where you live, what language you speak. No matter your skin colour, religion, or belief. In 2020, we are all living through a global pandemic; the future remains uncertain for all of us.

Commissioned by Interfaith Scotland and created by artist Iman Tajik, Postcards for Solidarity explores facets of shared humanity across the globe in the face of the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic. Responding to the theme of connecting, Tajik issued an open call for contributors from all over the world to come together as collaborators.

Participants responded to the open call by creating a self-portrait of their hand and a short text about life in lockdown. In order to facilitate the work and connect participants virtually, Tajik and writer Loll Jung held two workshops designed to give guidance on the nature of self-portraiture and explore different ways of writing and editing personal experiences of the pandemic into poetic forms.

This online exhibition is the outcome of that collaborative artwork, in addition to the randomised posting of the postcards to participants: a small message of hope and solidarity from a stranger, exploring the community of humans across faiths, borders, and social structures, connected by one commonality: we’re all human, we’re all experiencing similar feelings of loss, grief, isolation, and, sometimes, hope.

View Postcards for Solidarity exhibition

Friday 13th November