What Makes Home, Home for You

This event is designed for members of the Lanarkshire community, including folk from a variety
of the cultural and religious backgrounds represented in Lanarkshire. We will be joined by
staff/volunteers within NHS Lanarkshire who respond daily to the needs of both service users
and staff from diverse cultural and religious backgrounds.
Together we will:
have an opportunity to discuss the impact of living in a vibrant multicultural,
multi-faith region of Scotland.
have the opportunity to learn about the core beliefs and cultural practices of some
of the main religions in represented in Lanarkshire – (Buddhism, Christianity,
Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Sikhism)
discuss individual needs that may arise from a person’s faith or belief identity
(including non-religious beliefs).
improve our understanding and confidence in both living and working within the
diversity of this rich multicultural, multi-faith region of Scotland that we all call
We might also discover ways new ways to greet, live, work and celebrate with each other in
an ever increasingly more inclusive and sensitive manner.
You are Invited!! Join us for a Cuppa and a Chat:
1 – 3:00pm, 15th November 2018
Strathclyde Country Park
Water Sports Centre (just past the café)
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