Women’s Open Mic: For Peace and Harmony at the Cult of Coffee

Organised by Rebecca Dunn music


Dialogue between faiths can be difficult sometimes, however, the arts can be used as a tool to foster communications between groups. For Interfaith Week the theme of this open and inviting event is to bring together people of diverse beliefs and backgrounds to express faith through the arts and engage in peaceful dialogue.

Our open mic night is a recurring monthly free event for female and non-binary performers featuring music, spoken word, comedy and dance and more. For all ages, and child and family friendly. This is an alcohol free evening. Come along and give it a go!

This is un-amplified and in quiet and cosy venue to encourage an inclusive and supportive atmosphere. Those with less or no experience performing are encouraged to get up and give it a go!

All styles of performance are welcome. Please get in touch via www.facebook.com/rebeccadunnmusic or email rebeccadunnmusic@gmail.com if you’d like to perform.

The event is open doors and all are welcome to attend. You can drop in and out as you please. Child- and family-friendly. (Performers have been exceedingly good at either omitting swear words, or giving fair warning so families can step out if they wish. Also, we often have performers of all ages, so do not let your age stop you if you wish to perform, young or older!)

Wheelchair access: the venue is accessible for wheelchairs. One would need someone (or staff) to open the double doors to get in and there is a fully accessible disabled toilet too and plenty of spaces for wheelchairs.

These events are about redressing the balance by encouraging more women in music and arts to put themselves out there. It is hoped that these events will play a part in encouraging women to feel confident enough to take part in more open mics, and music and performance events.