Looking forward to SIFW 2017

As Director of Interfaith Scotland I have been privileged to watch Scottish Interfaith Week (SIFW) grow from our early first initiative in 2004.  Starting small with around 10 events I am so excited to see it develop year on year – now averaging over 70 events annually in Scotland alone.

SIFW is an exciting opportunity for individuals and organisations from any background to celebrate Scotland’s rich religious heritage and diversity.  Our new SIFW website captures the spirit and creativity of the week and I would urge everyone to get involved, attend or host an event and get to know your neighbours in a deep and dynamic way.

At the heart of promoting the week are the local interfaith groups across Scotland, who continue to grow in number and whose work in bringing people from all backgrounds together is so critically important.

I am very excited to see what events they are planning for 2017 and we will make sure we let you all know about them through our website and social media pages!

Let’s all get involved and support SIFW 2017

Dr Maureen Sier, Director Interfaith Scotland

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