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7 DAYS is an installation of seven mixed-media textile panels.

Taking as a starting point the ancient Hebrew text of Genesis, Chapter 1- telling of the seven days of creation – seven panels, (1M x 1M) were created from re-purposed fabrics, gold-leaf, emulsion, candle wax and thread.

7 DAYS aims to cause us to reflect on the gift of creation. Our role and our place in it, what past and present effects our actions or inactions have caused, and the choices we now make in caring for and repairing it.

From Mid-July to mid-October the panels were installed in seven different gardens therefore handing the works over to the various situational and elemental environments of these places.

Changes to the panels over these eight weeks are being documented by the artist – available to see on Soul Marks social media sites and website.

The seven panels will be exhibited during COP26 – in whatever state they have evolved to.

Artist: Carol Marples, Artist for the Soul Marks Trust.

Full exhibition dates

The exhibition will be open on weekdays, 10am-4pm, from Monday 1st November to Friday 26th November.

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