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What is Islamophobia? What makes it different from prejudice against other faiths? What can we do about it?

Join us for a webinar with prominent activists and organisers in the Scottish Muslim community to better understand to an open dialogue with Church members and leaders to explore:

1. How Islamophobia is experienced, and impacts individuals and society

2. How this definition helps Muslims name their experience and non-Muslims to recognise the problem.

3. What might help prevent and ultimately cure Islamophobia

4. How the Church and its members might play a part in this cure

This webinar has been organised to coincide with the second annual Islamophobia Awareness Month and Scottish Interfaith Week. These occasions represent a good opportunity for us as a Church to collectively reflect on the harm caused by Islamophobia, listen to those affected and find out what we can do.  Attendees will also have the chance to ask questions anonymously or directly.

Once we understand it, we can help to tackle it.

Once we listen to the impact, it is harder to dismiss.

Once we learn about the power of allyship we can focus our energies and our compassion on doing something that makes a difference.

Speakers: Lindsay Taylor (MEND); Omar Afzal Policy & Public Affairs consultant and Mahrukh Shaukat (Amina)