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You are warmly invited to this online conference, which brings together travel writers and scholars of migration to explore new perspectives on the hierarchies that define whose journeys matter and whose stories get heard.

Travel writing as a genre has long been associated with colonial approaches to other lands and people, and this is mirrored in the type of stories and authors that have been published.

In the UK, the definition of the genre has only recently been opened up to questions.

In a post-colonial, post-Brexit, post-COVID world which is increasingly defined by movements caused by the climate crisis, this conference is an opportunity to adopt a multi-disciplinary perspective to reflect on who gets to write about travel and in which form; who gets to hear these stories; and to find new ways of thinking about telling stories of humans moving in the world.


  • Professor Charles Forsdick, FBA James Barrow Professor of French (Department of Languages, Cultures and Film, University of Liverpool)

Confirmed speakers:

  • Professor Richard Gwyn (Cardiff University)
  • Dr Esa Aldegheri (University Glasgow)
  • Dr Sophie Buchaillard (Cardiff University)
  • Alexandros Plasatis and Dr Maria Rovisco
  • Katherine MacKinnon (University of Glasgow)
  • Eric Ngalle Charles (King’s College London)
  • Dr Kathryn Jones, (European Travellers to Wales Project – Swansea University)
  • Cristina Navazo-Eguian Newton (Cardiff University)

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