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We invite you to ring a bell for climate justice at 6pm on Saturday 30th October for 30 minutes. It could be a church bell or another bell associated with your faith.

Bells are associated with the call to worship, weddings and very special national celebrations such as the millennium or the ending of the 2nd World War. But they also have another historic function: To ring out warnings such as fires, floods and shipwrecks.

Our planet has given us warning after warning, through floods, wildfires, droughts, heat domes and hurricanes, that we have profoundly affected the balance of the planet and are making it increasingly hostile to mankind. The UN Secretary General has signalled ‘Code Red for Humanity’. The nations of the Global South are already suffering the severest effects of drought, crop failures, hurricanes and cyclones.

Let our bells be our voice of Climate Justice at COP26!