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Around the world, stories are told that turn the everyday into the sacred – and let us encounter the sacred in the everyday.

Pagans have many stories to tell about the symbols and spaces that give meaning and focus to our lives. We invite you to come listen, create, and hopefully, be inspired.

If you have a special object, photo, song, reading, memory, or other item that is perhaps sacred to you, please bring it along to share around our virtual ‘story hearth’.

Open to Pagans of all paths, friends, allies, and all of good heart, this event is free.

The Scottish Pagan Federation (SPF) is a democratic organisation with members from all Pagans traditions. It actively promotes tolerance, respect and mutual understanding of Paganism, campaigns for respect and equality alongside other religions in Scotland, defends and protects Pagans from defamation and religious discrimination, and provides accurate and factual information on modern Paganism to the Scottish Government, non-government organisations, civic society, the media and the general public.

In addition to holding annual conferences, workshops, a summer camp, and local moots, SPF’s diverse membership includes celebrants and chaplains, social and environmental activists, and Interfaith Officers who organise and participate in events focusing on interfaith dialogue and collaboration.

In person and online event

This event will be held in the Sanctuary/Main Hall of Glasgow Unitarian Church. Refreshments will be provided downstairs.

There is an accessible entrance at the rear of the building and a lift between floors.

This event will also be held online via Zoom. To join us online, please email violetaravenmoon@gmail.com