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As the United Nations gears up for its COP26 climate summit in Glasgow, the leaders of the world face an unenviable task.

What hope is there for the future of the world? What might be the part not just of leaders, but of each of us? Is it enough for to be about the conventional agendas of science and technology, of economics and the politics? Is it all about the outer life of humankind? Or must we dig deeper, and dig from where we stand?

Does the vision for the future also call upon our inner lives, both individually and collectively? Is climate change a spiritual imperative, “a basic call to consciousness” as the Iroquois Confederacy called it, to deepen our humanity?

Alastair McIntosh is a member of Glasgow Quaker meeting. He is an activist for social, environmental and spiritual change and an honorary professor at the University of Glasgow.

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