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Here in Woodfarm High School, we are planning an event for Friday November 5th to mark Scottish Interfaith Week and inspire refection and discussion in our pupils. Participation is a key value of our school and we want pupils to explore what it means to them in this context.

We are setting up our Games Hall with stalls and displays from Geography, Science and Business, with tables asking key questions about faith (to promote discussion. We are planning to have smaller groups of pupils from each year group visit the Hall for 20 minutes, in accordance with Covid rules. Key questions to be discussed will be:

  • How we should behave towards the planet according to your religion and beliefs?
  • Why do you believe that we should make the world a better, nicer place for all?
  • How do we participate to make this happen?

This event is only for pupils of Woodfarm High School. No visitors.