Connecting to Break the Silence on Gender-Based Violence

Organised by Aberdeen Interfaith and Grampian Regional Equality Council

Location: Online (via Zoom)

Dates: Sunday 15th November 2020

Time: 2 pm – 4 pm

Welcome to our annual Aberdeen Interfaith Forum, in partnership between Aberdeen Interfaith and local charity Grampian Regional Equality Council (GREC).

As part of Scottish Interfaith Week 2020 we present: Connecting to Break the Silence on Gender-Based Violence.

We look forward to hearing from three speakers on gender-based violence from international, national, and local perspectives, followed by smaller, breakout discussions, and then a Q&A session with our speakers.

Violence against women is a worldwide pandemic. One out of every three women will experience some form of violence in her lifetime. Violence against women crosses all social, economic, cultural, reli­gious and political borders and is a problem in every country of the world. Sometimes, violence against women has been perpetrated in the name of religion. The presentation will highlight the false assumptions and inaccuracies regarding violence against women and look at Scriptural verses from the different religions on the honour and status of women.

  • Sarah Bronzite – primary school teacher; academic researcher working to create human-rights based UK Relationships and Sex Education curricula; lecturer on equality and inclusion in Jewish classrooms.

Over the last few decades, conservative faith leaders in the UK have slowly become more willing to speak out in condemnation of the gender-based violence that occurs within their communities, rather than deny its existence. This has brought some positive change, including the development of faith-based service provision for those disclosing physical abuse, sexual violence and coercive control. Nevertheless, acknowledging and preventing GBV within conservative faith communities presents huge challenges. This presentation starts to unpack some of these challenges by looking at four silences which impact the UK’s ultra-orthodox Jewish community: sexual relationships between unmarried adolescents; sexual intercourse on a couple’s wedding night; domestic sexual violence; and GBV affecting boys and young men.

  • Mahrukh Adnan Shaukat, Helpline Development officer with Amina Muslim Women’s Resource Centre; an award-winning organisation, recognised by Muslim communities and key partners within Scotland for its pioneering and responsive approach to addressing key issues and needs of Muslim women.

Amina MWRC has conducted focus groups in collaboration with the Church of Scotland with an aim of understanding how women of faith understand their identities. It is our intention to continue work on spiritual abuse with a goal to reducing gender-based violence through the formation of a coalition called Side by Side. With other actors from faith communities and support organisations we hope to raise awareness and acknowledgement of the power dynamics involved within faith based or spiritual communities. This is an important step towards the protection of their rights and capacity to freely ask for support.

How to register

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Sunday 15th November