Live Children’s Book Readings: Fauja Singh Keeps Going

Organised by Interfaith Glasgow

Interfaith Storytime: Live Children’s Book Readings | Simran Jeet Singh: Fauja Singh Keeps Going

Location: Facebook Live

Dates: Monday 9th November 2020

Time: 4:30 pm – 6 pm

Join Interfaith Glasgow during Scottish Interfaith Week as we go live on Facebook for our special Interfaith Storytime series! We will be hosting authors from different faith backgrounds who have written wonderful, diverse children’s books. Our guests will read their books and then participate in Q&A – comment with your questions, they’ll be delighted to answer!

On the 9th of November, we will be hosting Simran Jeet Singh, the author of the recently published Penguin House book: Fauja Singh Keeps Going! This book is the first-ever children’s book from a major publisher to centre a Sikh main character. It is based on the life and achievements of Fauja Singh – the first 100 year old to run a marathon! ‪Fauja Singh’s life is an inspiring story of perseverance that challenges our assumptions (e.g., racism, ageism, disability), builds inclusion, and helps us reimagine what our heroes can look like.

Fauja Singh is one of Simran Jeet Singh’s greatest heroes… and the inspiration behind his own love of running!

About the author

Simran Jeet Singh loves sports and signed up for his first marathon after being inspired by Fauja Singh — and like Fauja, he hasn’t stopped running since.

Simran is an activist, writer, and scholar who believes deeply in the divine goodness of all people. He was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, and now lives in New York City with his wife and two daughters.

How to attend this event

Visit Interfaith Glasgow’s Facebook page at the time of the event and watch the event being livestreamed. For more information – Facebook event: Interfaith Storytime: Fauja Singh Keeps Going.

Monday 9th November