Faces of Faith

Over five million people live in Scotland and we each have a story to tell.

This exhibition is a showcase of Scotland’s diverse religious and cultural communities.

Freedom of religion and belief is a key part of Scottish society, but few are aware of just how many beliefs are practised here, or of the diversity within each community.

Through the stories of sixteen people, we explore the joys, challenges, and complexities of living as a person of faith in Scotland, and the impact these communities have on a local, national, and international level.

The common thread weaving through each story became clear to us with every interview. Our many religious communities may be diverse in culture and practice, but our values are intertwined – we all hope for, and are working towards, a better future for Scotland and the world.

We spent the summer getting to know each of these sixteen people and this exhibition is the culmination of many moments of connection.

In these photographs, we hope you will see not photos of strangers, but of the friends we came to know.

Thank you to the sixteen people who generously shared their stories and time with us.

This is an exhibition funded by Interfaith Scotland for Scottish Interfaith Week.

Please click on an image to read each person’s story.