About SIFW

Established by Interfaith Scotland in 2004, Scottish Interfaith Week provides an opportunity for interfaith groups, faith communities, schools, organisations and local communities across the country to celebrate Scotland’s religious diversity by planning events that bring people together to promote dialogue, understanding and co-operation between Scotland’s diverse religious communities and cultures.

Scottish Interfaith Week continues to be managed by Interfaith Scotland and has grown from strength to strength with around 100 events now being held each year across the whole of Scotland. As a result, we have built on this success and launched a new brand and website, with an easy to use online template so you can submit events which will be featured in our online programme and promoted on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Getting involved is easy; you can organise anything from a small outdoor gathering to a large zoom event from your local place of worship, school or library. We encourage everyone to participate and the SIFW team are always happy to help you with your ideas and through promoting your event.

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