I cannot think of a more fitting day than Earth Day to launch the theme for Scottish Interfaith Week 2021 and I am delighted that this year’s theme ties in with COP26 (United Nations Climate Change Conference 2021) and is Together For Our Planet.

COP26 will be taking place in Glasgow from Monday 1st November to Friday 12th November and we will be holding Scottish Interfaith Week during this period to allow creative engagement with both Scottish Interfaith Week and with COP26.

It is vitally important for people of all backgrounds, faiths and cultures to work ‘together for our planet’ and spreading climate awareness is key to building a future where all people and eco-systems can flourish. I have been profoundly moved by seeing the incredible work that faith communities and organisations across Scotland are doing to address climate change and it is exciting to know that Scottish Interfaith Week will be used as an opportunity to amplify these efforts and to encourage nation-wide conversations and action.

The Climate Conference may well be a pivotal moment for humanity and requires deep spiritual reflection and we are asking everyone, from all faiths and none to join us in taking action together for our planet.  I am personally inspired to make this year, a year of transformational change and look forward to taking this journey with all of you.

Dr. Maureen Sier

Director of Interfaith Scotland