The Women of Faith and no faith are a group of women who meet on (usually) the first Monday of each month in the West End of Glasgow to chat, share and enjoy each other’s company. We are a group of ladies of a variety of ages, faith and backgrounds and we love to meet and talk about things which unite us, go on trips or take part in various arts activities. We did had a potluck meet-up for Scottish Interfaith Week 2019 #SIFW19 Eat Share Love and it was a wonderful event.

As a member of the group I always look forward to our monthly meet-ups, especially if they involve food as this one did!

Hugs are a big feature of our meetings and all gatherings start with warm welcomes, big hugs and a cup of tea. From 10am people began to drift in and start setting up. By 10:30, the amount and variety of food amassed on the table was very impressive. It was bring a dish day, including food which reminded everyone of childhood memories. We even had home cooked porridge and freshly made waffles at the venue!

To begin with we had an informal introductory session (which can often drift into other related or unrelated conversation!) As we went around the large table introducing ourselves more and more ladies joined us, more chairs provided and more interesting people to meet. After this dialogue, we got stuck in to the food feast; and what a treat that was! We all thoroughly enjoyed serving up, eating, sharing and talking.

Cash donations for the food went to Mary’s Meals and there was an opportunity for early Christmas card shopping; cards which had been designed for the charity Freedom From Torture. After a healthy helping of second breakfast, we sat down again for a sharing session where everyone went round in the circle sharing a happy childhood memory and passing the ‘stone of love’ to our neighbour when it was their turn to speak. One of the ladies in the group had been so kind and had made a beautiful goodie bag for everyone to take home: a piece of tablet, an Asian sweet, love heart candies and the card details of the group. To finish off this lovely session we sang a beautiful Celtic blessing to the melody of a famous folk tune.

I always feel uplifted after a Monday morning with the Women of Faith and this was no exception. Such friendly and kind women, meeting together to share the good things of life.

Heather MacIntyre – #SIFW19 Ambassador