Billions of people take part in religious festivals every year, but we rarely talk about the environmental impact of these celebrations. Can you find new ways to make religious festivals more eco-friendly?

Here’s what do:

  • Form a group of 2-5 people
  • Choose a religious festival
  • Explore how your chosen festival could be made more eco-friendly
  • Present your ideas in a format of your choice (art, cartoon, film, animation etc.)

Tip: Think about different aspects of religious festivals, such as food, travel, objects (gifts, candles, confetti, lanterns…). How do these aspects impact the environment? For example, some religious festivals involve lighting candles. Most candles contain paraffin which releases harmful chemicals. An alternative could be to use soy wax candles.

There may be some elements of festivals that cannot be changed for religious reasons so please aware of this in your suggestions. However, you may come up with ideas which could make a big difference to our planet, so put your thinking caps on and get creative!


The group in first place will win a £25 voucher per person to use on

Second place will win a £15 voucher per person and third place will win a £10 voucher per person.


List of religious festivals:

Faith-specific climate websites:

Information for schools and youth groups

Each school/youth group can enter up to three submissions. Recommended age: S1-S3.

Send your submissions to via WeTransfer: You do not need an account to send files. The maximum time limit for video files is three minutes.

Please submit entries by Thursday October 14th, 2021.


Contact us

If you have any questions, please email us at: