Meditating properly for the first time was an interesting experience for me. I have tried on my own a few times but never managed to sit through it; I found it quite different doing it as part of a group. Before and after the meditation we had an opportunity to share what we thought about it. It was nice to listen to what everyone had to say because everyone’s experience was quite different.

The group was made up from a variety of different ages (fitting with the #SIFW18 theme of Connecting Generations and was lovely to see), and it was really nice to see after the meditation that everyone had something positive to say about it. What I observed during the mediation was fascinating; we were all doing the same thing but the person sitting next to me experienced something totally different to me and that’s what I found the most exciting when others shared their experience.

The best part of the meditation is that anyone can do it, regardless of their age, and whether they’re anxious / shy or confident / calm. Anyone at whatever age, with whatever personality, background or religion can enjoy and learn something from meditating, even if that’s something about themselves.

The theme of this year’s Scottish interfaith week “Connecting generations”, goes so well with my experience of meditating. It was the most perfect example of connecting people from different generations, because meditating is not designed for a specific group – it is possible for everyone and a lovely way of people from different generations to come together, meditate then reflect on life.

Jessica John.