Announcing our theme

This year has been challenging for everyone. The pandemic has forced us to lockdown and isolate and this has highlighted just how much we cherish human connection.

However, through our shared adversity we have found innovative ways to continue connecting.

2020 has found us not just connecting with each other but also with our deeper selves, with our neighbours, with nature, with technology, with global networks and with our own creativity.

So, no need for guesswork on our theme for 2020 – ‘Connecting’!

Going digital

This year Scottish Interfaith Week will be entirely digital. All the events will be held online through video conferencing platforms such as Zoom.

We believe this will open the doors for more people to engage with interfaith dialogue and build connections regardless of location.

We also plan to record and publish some of the events on our YouTube channel. This means that if you miss an event, you will be able to watch the recording online at any time.

Getting involved

Through the Scottish Interfaith Week events we can continue building a world that is kinder and infinitely more connected.

We know many people are currently feeling disconnected and are potentially struggling with the pain of loss. We hope that everyone will embrace the opportunities that Scottish Interfaith Week offers to reach out to others and build meaningful relationships.

You can get involved by holding an online event, signing up for events and sharing our social media posts with your friends and family.

Director’s message